21-23 January 2019 Bring wines into Chepstow, leave at reception or with FCh reps

24th January Wine Raffle prizes announced, Raffle tix go home with children.

4th February Prize drawings start!

Drawings held 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of february.


130+ bottles of wine, Inventory and 12-months storage with Yellow Box Wine Storage


Hosted in conjunction with:


Around the World

Winner: Alice Harvey, Shorelarks


Tour de France

Winner: Areti Wilson, Woodpeckers


We Love EU

Winner: Nadal Sarkytbayev, Woodlarks


Giro d’Italia

Michelle Waterman,

Tawny Owls and Imperial Eagles


Fun in the Sun

Miss Thomas, Sparrows Teacher


Grand Prize

Vanessa Field, Robins


Q. What wines, exactly, will be included in the raffle?

A. The nature of the raffle means that the grand prize is (and the smaller prizes are) a bit of a mystery, however the wines will be catalogued on January 24th and list with highlights will be available for viewing on the website on January 25th.

Q. Can I donate extra bottles of wine?

A. Of course you can! However, we would stress that the goal here is quality over quantity. If you can donate one great bottle or two mediocre bottles we would prefer one great bottle.

Q. How can I get extra raffle tickets?

A. Please contact your class rep. We have extra raffle tickets available.

Q. How do I pay for tickets?

A. Please include cash or cheque in the envelope with the ticket stubs and return to your class rep.

Q. What should I write on my stickers?

A. Put your family name on one sticker, on the other write a note about the wine you are donating. For instance, “We drank this wine on our honeymoon and it has remained a favourite.” or “This is from our vineyard in Tuscany.” :-) or “The nice chap from Jeroboams recommended this.”

Q. Who does the raffle benefit?

A. All proceeds will benefit the Chepstow Philanthropic Fund which supports Breaking Barriers, Stand By Me and The Chepstow Bursary.

Q. Who can buy tickets?

A. Absolutely anyone! Just make sure they clearly fill out their contact information and, if selling to friends, write your name on the back of the stub that contains their contact information so that they can be tracked down.

Q. What if I don’t have space for the wine?

A. Obvious answer is give it to a friend ;-) Actually we have a 12-month storage solution included with Yellow Box Wine Storage

Q. Can I buy a ticket for a teacher?

A. Absolutely! If you want to be credited for the gift simply write your name on the back of tab that contains the teachers name and write ‘courtesy of xxx” or “A gift from the xxx family”

This is what your bottle should look like once you adhere the sticker (Sticker #1, your family name. sticker #2, a note about the wine - although you can skip that one if you really want to)