Second Hand Uniforms


Secondhand uniform sales are held regularly from 8am to 9am in the school dining hall after drop off.

Parents may leave items they wish to donate to the uniform sale at any point with the school receptionist. Nearly all items of school uniform are offered for sale as well as CHS branded water bottles, umbrellas and beanies.

For clothing donations, please do not donate white shirts and please do take the time to remove nametags so they do not keep finding their way back to you!

2019 Second Hand Uniform Sale Dates are:

12th September, 2019

17th October, 2019

14th November, 2019

9th January, 20120 (proceeds benefit the CHS 10 Summer Fayre)

13th February, 2020

12th March, 2020

23rd April, 2020

21st May, 2020

A special Second Hand Uniform Sale is held for incoming reception class in late June. Date TBD.

Final Second Hand Uniform Sale for the year is held at the Summer Fayre

For questions about the FCH Second Hand Uniform Sale programme reach out to Emmy Faurant at