Giving This Season

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Stand By Me

Last year every child with Stand by Me experienced the excitement of receiving a brand new pair of shoes for their Christmas gift! The sounds of jubilation filled air from Burma to Colombia!

This year, after only one day of a Shoes Bring Joy shoe appeal, an anonymous CHS family generously offered to sponsor one pair of shoes for every student at the Abdi Academy!

Stand by Me would like to thank the care and engagement of the entire Chepstow House School community.

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BB Women

With the FCH’s help Breaking Barriers will soon launch BB Women, supporting female refugees in their unique needs.

£15 covers the cost for 5 refugee women to attend employment support.

£25 will allow will cover a female refugee to attend an 8-week English language or IT class making her more likely to find meaningful employment.

£50 provides safe, nurturing care for a child so that her mother can begin to train for and begin a job allowing her the independence to support her children.