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The Ultimate Wine Raffle

Starts 18th January 2019!

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Stand by Me Holiday Shoe Appeal

This year, after only one day of the Shoes Bring Joy Shoe Appeal, an anonymous CHS family generously offered to sponsor one pair of shoes for every student at the Abdi Academy! That didn’t stop the generosity of other Chepstow parents though. Chepstow families gave over £4250 which allowed many children at the Abdi Academy to receive a second pair of shoes this year.

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Year 6 Bake Sale

Completely run by the Year 6 class, this bake sale raised £407 and a LOT of envy for those who got there early and secured Belinda Vickery’s cake pops!

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Quiz Night 2018

Mrs. Barr’s 2nd Annual Quiz Night brought up lots of questions…but only one table of winners.

And raised £1175.25 for charity

birthday party planning


Created by a CHS mum, Kindergifts supports the CHS charities as well as a huge variety of other charitable organisations in the UK.

As part of the party invitation process, children choose to share their birthday presents with a charity. For the school year of 2018/19 so far CHS children have raised £2,914.44 toward Stand By Me and £2,130.00 for a variety of other worthy causes.


Upcoming Fundraisers

KS1 Toy Sale - February 2019

CHS Read-a-thon - March 2019

Kids Quiz Night - March 7, 2019

KS2 Gym Sleepover - April 26, 2019

CHS Gala - May 9th, 2019

Summer Fayre - June 22nd, 2019

(Speak to your class representative if you would like information or to get involved in any of the upcoming programmes.)